When we began developing Tarraaa!, we wanted to change the world. Like most creatives with a vision, the simplest of ideas can sometimes prove to be amongst the most elegant. If you are a professional presenter, you’ll know how challenging it is to give a really outstanding presentation, every day, every meeting. Something that is totally memorable for the attendees. A “wow”, jaw-hitting-ground moment. Something that stays with them for a long time and perhaps even shapes the way they think, permanently.

So we didn’t set our aims too high then…:)

What began as a good idea, we hope has blossomed into a completely new way to give a presentation. The subject of a future blog as well, but we hope Tarraaa! has also developed into providing a way to help some fellow workers overcome some of the physical challenges they may have of using conventional keyboards.

So what have we done? Our aim was to defy convention. From the dawn of computer-generated presentations, PowerPoint has been King. We don’t aim to change that (not very revolutionary we hear you say). Our world is becoming more visual, more digital. The use of video for everything from advertising to training is becoming the norm. We don’t aim to change that. A picture paints a thousands words – images are so important is getting across your message. We don’t aim to change that. When most of us share documentation, PDF is the common format. We don’t aim to change that.

So what exactly did we aim to do? Wow your audience by making it completely trivial to give an outstanding presentation and win the deal.

Tarraaa! allows you to use all these common file formats, and build a unique presentation for each and every meeting you give. No programming, no complex software to learn. You can learn the basics of using Tarraaa! in 10 seconds flat! Simply place all the files you want to potentially use in a single folder, anywhere on your computer. Start Tarraaa! and once you’ve told it where the folder is, you can begin presenting, and the only controls you need to use are the directional arrows on your keypad, a wireless presenter, or gesture control using Leapmotion. Seamlessly move between files, in and out of presentations, videos, documents, etc, as you talk, enabling you to focus on giving a great presentation rather than trying to remember where that product datasheet is and open new file formats as you talk.

For professional presenters, you’ll be familiar with the hours it takes piecing together a professional presentation for each client. Now you can break down your presentation into component parts and switch in “real-time” as your audience reacts or asks questions. Want to customize the start page of your presentation for a client? Simple create a single page PowerPoint, image or video to play as the intro to your talk – no need to rework your whole presentation. Need to show a new product, simply switch to a video of your new product “hot-off-the-press”, the client wants to discuss contractual arrangements, switch to your contract in PDF and go through the fine-print. The possibilities are endless, and you don’t need to learn anything new – you are simply using all the common file formats you are used to using today.

Oh, and by the way, the total cost for a personal license is less than ten bucks if you already have a Leapmotion device and only want gesture control, only fifteen bucks for the Full Monty. Revolutionizing the way you give your presentations could enable you to stand out from the crowd today and win that next deal. Worth a punt?

Why not take a look at our video on Youtube and see Tarraaa! in action: https://youtu.be/9kn_NTWbkMQ

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