Tarraaa! is a completely unique solution for giving great presentations. Above all it’s so simple! Learn how to use it in 10 seconds flat.

Yes, you can tweak and fine tune how it works, but you really can download and use immediately. No need to be linked to the internet, no need for tons of tech to make it work, and it simply works with all the common format of files you use today – Powerpoint, PDF, images and video.


Why pay exorbitant monthly or annual fees to get access? With other presentation systems you can be paying $100 or more per year, forever! And you get less functionality and greater complexity.

Keep it simple. You get a perpetual license from us for less than $10 for Tarraaa lite! Yes, that it! End of story. Finito. No catches. Have more than one computer, then you can buy multipacks of the software for massive discounts – 3 for the price of 2, 5 for the price of 3.

Futuristic or what!

Presenting with Tarraaa! is not just a breeze, it looks REALLY COOL! Add the use of Leap Motion gesture control technology and you’ll be like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. No need to touch keyboards or any kind of device. You don’t even need the kind of gloves that Tom used in the film! This really is tommorow’s technology here today, but we’ve made it supremely practical. 3 hand movements allow you to do everything in your presentation – Wow! Maybe the first practical business use of gesture technology beyond 3D gaming.

Don’t want to use gesture control, then simply use your keyboard directional arrow keys or a wireless presenter.

A unique demo system for your exhibition booth or Point of Sale (POS) systems

Yes, the only system in the world where you can use exactly the same technology for personally presenting to your key clients AND driving a powerful, yet incredibly simple demonstration system on your exhibition booth. The software also has an auto demo mode. You or your visitors can simple navigate around any product files, videos or presentation you want to show. Use the gesture control technology of Leap Motion to blow your competition away and build a custom demo system for a fraction of the cost of custom built videos and touch screen technologies.

Don’t rely on connectivity to the internet

If you’re like us, you love tech, but hate relying on other people technology when you’re travelling. Ever been preparing for a client presentation trying to get onto their guest network to download your presentation?:(

Be a one-man-band, simply plug and play into any projector or digital technology to show your presentation. 

Sleepness nights preparing for that important demo?

Hate sitting up all night reworking those slides last minute for the perfect presentation? Last minute you realize your colleague sent you a PDF of his presentation rather than an original powerpoint, or the latest video of your new product has just gone viral on Youtube. Take the PDF, download the video and any image file. Simply add them to a single folder with your other presentation materials and fire up Tarraaa!. Away you go! 


Because all the files and programs are loaded up front you flash between files in milliseconds. Got a question? Exit presentation and zip to the latest product video. Need to agree terms for the deal? Exit and go to a PDF of your T&Cs. Complete freedom to roam between any and every file in a flash.

AND, we want to help those of us who may find using computers physically challenging.

We are very proud of the fact that our technology can potentially help those with limited mobility. Perhaps using a computer keyboard isn’t so easy for you? Using Leap Motion gesture technology you can simply navigate around powerpoints, PDF, images and videos without having to interact with the keyboard.